Zephyr Day 1: Sunday 6/25/17

We made it up and out of Crawfordsville in plenty of time for our approximately three hour drive to Crain’s Run Nature Park where we met up with the rest of the Zephyr group.  

There are a total of 42 people on this tour which is way over their usual size of 10 to 18. It is their 20th anniversary skating trip so guess it is ok especially since we have our own transport with bike rack!  Several of the group rented bikes and Kris, trusty Zephyr guide, helped organize the chaos.

Ann organized our unloading. 

The trail runs along the Great Miami River which with all the rain is up. Some parts of the trail have been underwater.

Desiree and Kris marked up trail with a dead body to show what would happen if you did not complete the braking test.  Pretty sure other people on the trail were stumped as to what they were doing!

Allan, Zephyr founder, did the route talk.  Took these pictures to show the size of our group.

Yes, Aaron is really tall!!!!

Once we got started it was great, right along the river and not too hot.  It was a little windy but nobody cared.

As you got closer to Dayton there were little towns along the trail. Several had very nice parks. This one had a great stage and they were in the process of setting up the sound for some event!  I think this the riverfront park in Miamisburg.

We did the short route and ended at the VFW post in Carrollton. Allan drove our car and left it there for us. The drive into Dayton was very easy.

We are staying at the Crown Plaza, a little dated but with great staff and large rooms. My bike fits easily in the corner. Very good wifi. 

Views from my window were not as impressive as Ecuador but……..

I liked the quote on the building but will have to edit so you can read it. Pictures on my phone are difficult to see.

Dinner was in a private room at the Dublin Pub. It was a short walk from the hotel through the historic Oregon district.

Part of the entertainment was a Zephyr trivia contest. Our table won, thanks in large part to Anrea (one of our favorite Zepyr guides)! My name was even one of the answers. Seems I am currently their High Roller. Mike and I racked up quite a few days and I know he would want me to continue the trend. 😎

Some interesting shops along the way back. Too bad they were closed.

Now here is one that was open but couldn’t get Ann or Jim to go in!!

The trails in this whole area connect, which is one of the reasons they picked this area to tour. Tomorrow we will still be on the Great Miami River Trail but further north. They had a night skate at an indoor skate rink, Orbit Skate Rink, but I decided to rest up instead. After all when would I get my blogging done!