Departure: Saturday 6/24/17

I am done at the office but Ann is still whirling! 

Jim did laundry this morning and had the bike rack repaired by our friend Dave at Biscari Brothers Bike Shop. The car shop, who will remain unnamed because I’m sure they did not intend to break the rack, did get our transport tuned up for the trip yesterday.  It’s nice having Jim off to run errands!

In checking my bike last night, 2am, I discovered the odometer was broken, yes I had extra batteries.  It is about 11 years old so guess not suprising but it is annoying.  I just down loaded a GPS driven odometer app to my phone, one should always get a new app for each trip!  Will see how I like it. There is a bike shop in Franklin Oh where we are going to be tomorrow and I can easily get a new bike odometer if necessary!

Escape is very close!

Ann wanted to go past the post office so I ran into Biscari’s and got an odometer. Bonus, Dave programmed it for me!!

Goal today was to get Jim to mass and we succeeded by arriving in Macon at 5:20pm for the 5:30pm mass at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. 

We dropped him and got “road trip” food from Dairy Queen, yum yum. Kc pulled pork sandwich.

Ok, so we did go back for Jim and walked around a little. Very nice courthouse.

I like this style church.

Next stop Hannibal.  We changed drivers in Hannibal. Yes, Ann let me drive and powered on to Crawfordsville IN.  Arrived, thanks to the time change, at 12:40am for a stay with Holiday Inn Express.